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Top 10 Most Expensive Cities For Expatriates

When you hear the phrase “expensive cities”, places like New York, London, and Tokyo might come to mind.  However, did you know those actually are not the most expensive cities in the world?  We wanted to find the most expensive cities in the world for expatriates and were shocked at some of the results.  Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive cities for expatriate employees.  (Note:  These results were based on Mercer’s Cost of Living and cover 207 cities around the world.  The items taken into account are location, housing, transportation, food, clothing, household goods, entertainment, and more.)

10.) N’Djamena, Chad (Africa)

Most Haunted Cities In The World

An average person would probably never want to deal with any of these spine-chilling locations, but for someone as brazen as you are, being in any of these cities is for sure an adventure of a lifetime! These places are believed to be inhabited by spirits that roam around old or abandoned buildings. For most of them, their past was one filled with horror and, sometimes, violence, no wonder that up to this day, paranormal elements continue to be felt… and seen.

20 Drunkest Cities In The USA

Cheers to a good life! As the title says, this article is a compilation of U.S cities that sit on top of the charts as far as booze is concerned. They love to have a good time, you can say that. In order to come up with such a list, factors such as number of bars and restaurants and percentage of adults engaged in excessive drinking as well as that of alcohol-triggered driving deaths were taken into account. Take a look!