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Top 10 Beach Destinations To Visit In 2020

The combination of sun, sand, and sea makes the ultimate attraction for a vacation sojourn. Moments spend in the backdrop of magnificent sea and the lure of sun-kissed golden sands create memories to cherish for life. From isles in Micronesia and topical paradises of Asia to the amazing Mediterranean coast of Europe and soft sandy beaches off the turquoise Caribbean Sea, you have plenty to enjoy a beach holiday. Here is the list of top 10 beach destinations to visit in 2020.

#1. Turks and Caicos

A part of British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean, Turks and Caicos group of islands is famous for its Grace Bay beach. One of the most picturesque beaches in the world, it hosts luxurious resorts and a water park dotted with numerous reefs to explore. Enjoy boating, catamaran cruises,  windsurfing, kayaking, skiing, jet skiing, and sailing. Crystal-clear waters and unmatched marine heritage beneath is perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling.

#2. Hawaii

It hosts every type of beach – white, black, green and red – you can extend your imagination to. From beach parks taking you on an off-the-beaten-path tour to romantic bays and private beaches offering total seclusion, Hawaii has everything beach lovers want. The Big Island is home to black, sandy beaches with water sports facilities. Kauai is the place to enjoy romance off the amazing shoreline. Lanai is the perfect gateway to swim and snorkel. Maui is famous for its Bohemian beaches while Oahu pristine beaches are legendary. Molokai is the home to beach parks.

Top Wedding Destinations in the USA

Weddings are undeniably a special occasion and are definitely something to remember. Finding wedding destinations in the USA may be a tricky task, as there is a plethora of them to choose from. From tropical paradise beaches to the grand mountains, and rocky cliffs to open plains, the USA offers many dazzling locations to get married!

Keep on reading as we will share the most amazing wedding destinations in the USA!


Hawaii is definitely the most beautiful wedding destination in the USA!
Hawaii is definitely the most beautiful wedding destination in the USA!

Hawaii is the American piece of dense tropical paradise. There are 8 main islands to explore there. For an amazing wedding, the islands you should look out for are Hawaii, Kauai, Molokai, and Oahu.

Hawaii, popularly called the Big Island, is full of high-profile resorts and golf courses. 

We recommend Kauai for the lovers of the outdoors. It is full of hiking and biking trails, with rainforest dominating the landscape.

Molokai is a perfect wedding getaway for those who wish to avoid the crowds. It is the least touristic island and is full of unspoiled beaches to enjoy.

Oahu is the most populated island and offers a nice balance between the city and the beach. Honolulu, the biggest city on the island, offers both luxury wedding options, as well as the laid back option on the beaches beside the pristine water.

You definitely can’t go wrong with any island in Hawaii, especially if you want a wedding with a tropical beach vibe.

Top Bachelor Party Destinations in the USA

After the numerous parties during those college years, the next huge party is definitely the bachelor party! You know, this may be the part of your life in which you won’t be so single as before. It is only reasonable to throw one last crazy party with your best friends. Of course, a bachelor party doesn’t necessarily have to be a booze-filled rampage! Here, we will reveal top bachelor party destinations in the USA both for hard and soft parties!

New Orleans

New Orleans is popularly called ‘The Big Easy’, and it surely lives up to this name. This city is easily one of the top bachelor destinations in the USA judging by the fact that most bars and clubs here are open all-night-long!

Immerse yourself in the infamous nightlife on Bourbon Street that tends to be extra crowded during sporting events like Super Bowl or Final Four. If strip bars are your cup of tea, this place is a sort of a hub then. Getting wasted during a night out in this part of New Orleans is really easy, as cocktails like the Hurricane or Hand Grenade are all over the place.

Make sure to explore the rest of the French Quarter. There, you will be surrounded by live music and other forms of entertainment. The food there is awesome too, you can try the seafood or pork at the Cochon restaurant. You can also try your luck at the gambling tables in Harrah’s Casino that is open all day and night!

New Orleans can be quite expensive if you manage to get too carefree. The good thing is that most hotels offer group discounts. That is ideal for an awesome bachelor party!

Top Bachelorette Party Destinations in the USA

Palm Springs

Palm Springs has been one of the top bachelorette party destinations in the USA for generations.

This town in California that is surrounded by vast desert has been one of the top bachelorette party destinations in the USA for generations. There is something charming in its lively atmosphere and retro architecture of the 1950s.

This oasis in the middle of the desert is ideal for celebrations, and there is a plethora of accommodation picks for bachelorette parties! One of the best picks is definitely the Ace Hotel & Swim Club, where you can enjoy two outdoor pools! Make sure to stroll down El Paseo Drive for an unforgettable shopping experience!

Overall, Palm Springs offers amazing weather year-round, addicting shopping scene, awesome food, and lots of outdoor adventure. That makes it ideal for a nice bachelorette party getaway!

The Best Places To Visit In St. Petersburg, Russia

The Best Places to Visit in St. Petersburg, Russia

People often ask me “which city has been your favorite to visit”, and my answer is simple: St. Petersburg, Russia.

Why St. Petersburg? It could be the amazing people that live in the city, the incredible history around each corner, the beautiful buildings that surround you, or the delicious food that can be found in almost any cafe/restaurant/food stand. Any of these reasons alone could justify my response, but this city has each of them.

Let’s take a quick journey around the city of St. Petersburg, lovingly called “The Venice of the North”.

20 Drunkest Cities In The USA

Cheers to a good life! As the title says, this article is a compilation of U.S cities that sit on top of the charts as far as booze is concerned. They love to have a good time, you can say that. In order to come up with such a list, factors such as number of bars and restaurants and percentage of adults engaged in excessive drinking as well as that of alcohol-triggered driving deaths were taken into account. Take a look!

20 Scariest Haunted Houses In The USA

It’s Halloween season yet again and what better way to celebrate it than to scare your pants off? One terrifyingly exciting way to do that is to visit haunted houses that could potentially creep you out for the rest of your life! If you think you’re brave enough to survive ghost sightings and all the macabre monsters that lurk in the dark, check out these eerie locations that will surely give you all the heebie-jeebies you need at this time of the year.

Most Picturesque Fall Destinations In Australia

When you think about Australia, you probably think about beaches, kangaroos, meat pies or the Outback. But, did you know that this part of the world also has an array of mesmerizing fall foliages? Below is a list of the most beautiful autumn destinations in the Land Down Under, every single one a fascinating masterpiece that will leave you breathless.

20 Fascinating Places You Have to Visit in South America

It is no coincidence that South America is one of the world’s top destinations. From the Iguassu Falls to the astonishing Machu Picchu, South America has something new, interesting and exciting to offer. With so many different things you have to see, it can be difficult to narrow down the list of tourist attractions. But do not rush! As a starting point for your adventures, here are the top 20 places you’ll enjoy visiting!

Machu Picchu

3 Amazing Places to Visit on the Cambodian Coast

3 Amazing Places To Visit On the Cambodian Coast

Have you ever dreamed of a tranquil coastal retreat? The Cambodian coast may be just for you! Lesser known than the coastlines of neighboring Thailand and Vietnam, it is a perfect place for a tranquil retreat.

The Cambodian coast is slowly developing thanks to foreign investments. These days, it is common to see foreigners managing hotels and restaurants on the coast.

There are still some problems that hinder the development of this beautiful coastline, mainly due to poor garbage management. But, there is no denying that the Cambodian coastline is a beautiful one.

Here are three places that you should absolutely check out on the Cambodian coast!


Kampot is a quiet town situated at the foot of the wonderful Bokor Mountain.
Kampot is a quiet town situated at the foot of the wonderful Bokor Mountain.

This quiet town is set on the banks of Prek Thom River and is the capital of Kampot Province. Kampot is best known as the starting point for day trips to the Bokor Mountain, which you can see towering above the town. The town has a lovely riverside that is full of activity during the whole day.

Kampot is an ideal escape from the chaotic buzz of the capital, Phnom Penh. You can also find lots of affordable accommodation and delicious cuisine on the riverside.

Here are some places that you should check out in Kampot!

Bokor Mountain

This giant is located some 40 kilometers northwest of Kampot. The road up the mountain is safe for motorbikes and cars alike, and it is simply epic, as it is one of the best-preserved roads in Cambodia.

During the ride to the top of the mountain, you will witness picturesque vistas over Kampot and the seaside. As you go higher, you will feel the air getting colder as the clouds crack through the mountain. The fog will set up the vibe perfectly for an enjoyable ride.

On the way to the top, you will see many macaque monkeys, especially near Lorkyay Mao, a religious site with peculiar rock shapes and a large statue.

After this religious site, you will ride a bit further through the mist to the ruins of the old hill station. This station was built by the French in early 1920s and was abandoned just before Khmer Rouge devastated this area. This area, coupled with dense fog, feels like a true ghost town. The hill station is located 1,079 meters above sea level.

You can also find the Preah Bokor National Park there, that preserves endangered species such as tigers, elephants, and leopards.

Fish Island

Fish Island is a small island that is also the only place in Kampot where you can go to the beach. It is located right across the Prek Thom River, a short ride away from the downtown area.

The island is sparsely populated and is probably the quietest place in Kampot. It is connected with dirt roads that are better than the town roads.

At the end of the island, you can find the Coconut Mountain. Near this place, there are two beaches for you to choose from. One beach is rock, with mangrove trees populating the shore. The other one is a white sand beach that is just perfect for swimming.


Sihanoukville has undergone some rapid transformation during the last few years.
Sihanoukville has undergone through some rapid transformation during the last few years.

Sihanoukville is the third most visited destination in Cambodia, attracting crowds during the dry season. It is a great kicking point for exploring the Cambodian islands. Also, it has a few nice beaches.

Before, Sihanoukville was a holiday destination for rich Cambodians. Now, it is full of visitors hailing from Phnom Penh during the weekends.

In recent times, lots of Chinese investments have come in Sihanoukville, completely transforming this city. Actually, the number of Chinese population outnumbers the local populace here! With that, a lot of casinos and hotels have been built, contaminating the city. Now, the city is dirty and crowded, and in need of better infrastructure.

Here are some places that you should check out in Sihanoukville!

Otres Beach

This is probably the cleanest beach in Sihanoukville. It is located just to the south of the more crowded Ochheuteal Beach.

Otres Beach isn’t an undiscovered piece of white sand as it was before, but still, it is a very relaxing place and very lengthy.

For now, it is still free from Chinese construction work, so it may be a great time to visit it now!


Blue Crab is the symbol of Kep.
Blue crab is the symbol of Kep.

Kep is a relaxing little town located 30 kilometers east of Kampot. It is situated on a small peninsula and provides wonderful views over the Bokor Mountain and Phu Quoc Island in the distance.

Kep is still in the early stages of tourism, mostly reserved for people from Phnom Penh coming over for weekend relaxation.

These days, foreign investments are slowly pouring in. You can see Westernized restaurants popping up by the coast. Regardless of that, the tranquil atmosphere remains untouched.

Kep is really relaxing and different from other towns in Cambodia. There is only one sand beach in the city center. One interesting thing is that this beach is completely made from sand imported from Kampot and Sihanoukville. There are other places where you can jump in the sea, but are shockingly dirty and full of garbage, especially near the mangrove forests.

Here are some places that you should check out in Kep!

Crab Market

You can smell the scent of seafood when near this market. It offers delicious seafood that isn’t expensive if you avoid the restaurants nearby.

On the Crab Market, you can try the local specialty, the blue crab. The crabs are caught and cooked right in front of your eyes. Expect to pay 5 to 10 USD per portion. The portions are huge, by the way!

Kep National Park

This place is located right in the middle of the Kep Peninsula, towering above the calm town. The entrance fee to the park is 1 USD, even though you can go there for free if there are no officials around.

Kep National Park is pretty clean compared to what you might see in the town. It offers great trekking trails, the main one being the 8-kilometer circuit around the mountain that you can cross with a motorbike. Also, there are inner trails that will test your trekking skills. Beware of macaques inhabiting this area!

The highlights of Kep National Park are the Little Buddha statue and the Sunset Rock. To get to the rock, you will need to hike some 15 minutes right after the entrance to the park. Sunset Rock offers an amazing view over the whole peninsula and is a great place to observe the sunset.

Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island)

To get to Rabbit Island, you need to take a 20-minute ferry ride from the town. It will cost you 7 USD for a day return trip or 10 USD if you wish to stay longer.

It is a very relaxing place as there are no roads, just dense jungle in the middle of the island. That makes for a unique atmosphere and a lovely retreat.

There are several gold sand beaches around the island. Recent reports say that the main beach is full of garbage these days. Regardless of that, Koh Tonsay is a lovely place to explore for a day trip!

Now that you know about some amazing places on the Cambodian coast, don’t you think that it is a high time to pack your bag and explore this beauty?

10 Breathtaking Facts About Spain

Spain, the country on the Iberian Peninsula, is located in the south of Europe. It offers a great range of cultures, unspoiled nature, significant history, and an interesting lifestyle. Here are some of the interesting facts about Spain that make it one of the world`s top destinations.

1.) Sagrada Familia is under construction for 130 years

The well-known Basilica in Barcelona, Sagrada Familia, has been under construction for about 130 years and is expected to be completed by 2026. The construction has started in 1882 by the architect Francesc de Paula del Villar, and a year later the project was taken over and completely modified by Antoni Gaudi.

2.) The Spanish anthem has no words

Although there have been a few versions of the text in the past, the Spanish anthem has no words since 1978. Also, the anthem called La Marcha Real (Royal March) is one of the oldest anthems in Europe. Its origin is unknown, and it was first mentioned in 1761.

3.) The legality of being nude

In Spain, there are no laws against nudity in a public place. So you can walk around completely naked and not get arrested.

4.) The oldest lighthouse in the world

Hercules Tower, the oldest lighthouse in the world is located in the Spanish Autonomous Province of Galicia. This lighthouse was built in the first century AD and is still functional. Because of its importance, the Hercules Tower has become a national monument in Spain and since 2009 has been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

5.) The most expensive restaurant in the world

The most expensive restaurant in the world, Sublimotion, is located in Ibiza (Spain). The restaurant is part of the Hard Rock Hotel and it is opened in 2014. The “magical place in an unknown location” can only be discovered by those who have booked one of the 12 seats at the table for $1,500 per person.

6.) The tomato festival

La Tomatina Festival, the festival where people throw tomatoes at each other, is held every year in Spain. It was created in 1945 out of pure amusement and fun and since then every last Wednesday in August, with occasional government bans, residents of the city of Bunjol in Valencia have been enjoying the tomato fiesta.

7.) Lottery against the crisis

When the global financial crisis hit, every community tried handling it in its own particular way. But, the small Spanish, La Granja, tried and succeeded to pull out of the crisis in a more than interesting way. The town played the lottery and won a whopping € 700 million!

8.) LGBT rights

Spain is the first country in the world to accept homosexuality, with only 6% of the population thinking it is “morally unacceptable”.

9.) Drinking culture in Spain

Spaniards drink 11.2 liters of pure alcohol per person per year, which is almost double the world average (6.2).

10.) The New Year traditions

In Spain, a very common and popular custom known as “12 grapes of grapes” is widespread. It is believed that the following year will be happy and successful for anyone who eats 12 grapes of grapes during the last 12 seconds of the year. This tradition dates back to 1909 when the grapes were plentifully harvested, and this tradition was invented to save the grapes from decay.

20 Middle East Destinations You Need To Visit

The Middle East is more than just its billions of barrels of oil reserves. Though that is impressive, its vast array of magnificent spots is even more! It is home to the greatest ancient civilizations known to mankind, which means a plethora of ruins are there for you to explore. The holiest of places also happen to be here. There are mosques and castles to satisfy your penchant for brilliant architectural designs. It has gorgeous bodies of water fit for snorkeling and diving activities. Utmost relaxation you say? An indulging hammam is what you need!