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Funniest Halloween Pumpkins You Will Ever See!

The funniest Halloween pumpkins aren’t the ones with grotesque faces carved on them but those that reflect reality. Nothing is scarier than real problems in the real world! These jack-o’-lanterns may initially have you in stitches, but as you dig deeper into them you’ll realize they’re actually the most frightening images you could ever lay eyes on. May these pumpkins not haunt you!


20 Scariest Haunted Houses In The USA

It’s Halloween season yet again and what better way to celebrate it than to scare your pants off? One terrifyingly exciting way to do that is to visit haunted houses that could potentially creep you out for the rest of your life! If you think you’re brave enough to survive ghost sightings and all the macabre monsters that lurk in the dark, check out these eerie locations that will surely give you all the heebie-jeebies you need at this time of the year.