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20 Fascinating Places You Have to Visit in South America

It is no coincidence that South America is one of the world’s top destinations. From the Iguassu Falls to the astonishing Machu Picchu, South America has something new, interesting and exciting to offer. With so many different things you have to see, it can be difficult to narrow down the list of tourist attractions. But do not rush! As a starting point for your adventures, here are the top 20 places you’ll enjoy visiting!

Machu Picchu

Best Places To Explore In South America

South America isn’t just a land of beautiful people. It’s also home to enchanting landscapes, astonishing structures, and just the most picturesque locations you will ever find. There’s that five-colored river in Colombia, an outlandish desert oasis in Peru, an elephantine statue of Jesus Christ in Brazil, a still-debated advancing glacier in Argentina, stunning bodies of water and land, and many more! If you’re itching to know how they look like, just keep scrolling!