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Top Wedding Destinations in the USA

Weddings are undeniably a special occasion and are definitely something to remember. Finding wedding destinations in the USA may be a tricky task, as there is a plethora of them to choose from. From tropical paradise beaches to the grand mountains, and rocky cliffs to open plains, the USA offers many dazzling locations to get married!

Keep on reading as we will share the most amazing wedding destinations in the USA!


Hawaii is definitely the most beautiful wedding destination in the USA!
Hawaii is definitely the most beautiful wedding destination in the USA!

Hawaii is the American piece of dense tropical paradise. There are 8 main islands to explore there. For an amazing wedding, the islands you should look out for are Hawaii, Kauai, Molokai, and Oahu.

Hawaii, popularly called the Big Island, is full of high-profile resorts and golf courses. 

We recommend Kauai for the lovers of the outdoors. It is full of hiking and biking trails, with rainforest dominating the landscape.

Molokai is a perfect wedding getaway for those who wish to avoid the crowds. It is the least touristic island and is full of unspoiled beaches to enjoy.

Oahu is the most populated island and offers a nice balance between the city and the beach. Honolulu, the biggest city on the island, offers both luxury wedding options, as well as the laid back option on the beaches beside the pristine water.

You definitely can’t go wrong with any island in Hawaii, especially if you want a wedding with a tropical beach vibe.

Top Bachelor Party Destinations in the USA

After the numerous parties during those college years, the next huge party is definitely the bachelor party! You know, this may be the part of your life in which you won’t be so single as before. It is only reasonable to throw one last crazy party with your best friends. Of course, a bachelor party doesn’t necessarily have to be a booze-filled rampage! Here, we will reveal top bachelor party destinations in the USA both for hard and soft parties!

New Orleans

New Orleans is popularly called ‘The Big Easy’, and it surely lives up to this name. This city is easily one of the top bachelor destinations in the USA judging by the fact that most bars and clubs here are open all-night-long!

Immerse yourself in the infamous nightlife on Bourbon Street that tends to be extra crowded during sporting events like Super Bowl or Final Four. If strip bars are your cup of tea, this place is a sort of a hub then. Getting wasted during a night out in this part of New Orleans is really easy, as cocktails like the Hurricane or Hand Grenade are all over the place.

Make sure to explore the rest of the French Quarter. There, you will be surrounded by live music and other forms of entertainment. The food there is awesome too, you can try the seafood or pork at the Cochon restaurant. You can also try your luck at the gambling tables in Harrah’s Casino that is open all day and night!

New Orleans can be quite expensive if you manage to get too carefree. The good thing is that most hotels offer group discounts. That is ideal for an awesome bachelor party!

Top Bachelorette Party Destinations in the USA

Palm Springs

Palm Springs has been one of the top bachelorette party destinations in the USA for generations.

This town in California that is surrounded by vast desert has been one of the top bachelorette party destinations in the USA for generations. There is something charming in its lively atmosphere and retro architecture of the 1950s.

This oasis in the middle of the desert is ideal for celebrations, and there is a plethora of accommodation picks for bachelorette parties! One of the best picks is definitely the Ace Hotel & Swim Club, where you can enjoy two outdoor pools! Make sure to stroll down El Paseo Drive for an unforgettable shopping experience!

Overall, Palm Springs offers amazing weather year-round, addicting shopping scene, awesome food, and lots of outdoor adventure. That makes it ideal for a nice bachelorette party getaway!

20 Drunkest Cities In The USA

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