Top Wedding Destinations in the USA

Las Vegas, Nevada

The vibrant Las Vegas isn't called the 'Wedding Capital of the World' for no reason!
The vibrant Las Vegas isn’t called the ‘Wedding Capital of the World’ for no reason!

Sin City is not only popular for its gambling and nightlife scene, but also as one of the top wedding destinations in the USA. It is known as the ‘Wedding Capital of the World’ for a good reason.

Taking the vows in Las Vegas is surprisingly cheap and it offers numerous options for couples.

You can get married in mock-ups of New York City, Paris, Rome, and Venice!

Las Vegas Boulevard is full of wedding chapels for a more traditional affair when it comes to Vegas!

For a more luxurious wedding in Vegas, check out Bellagio, a hotel/casino that offers superb accommodation and wedding options.

If you want to get married with a bang, make sure to visit Vegas during the New Year’s Eve! Tie the knot on the rooftop, while every hotel on the Las Vegas Strip shoots up the fireworks!

Las Vegas is great to visit at any time of year. But, the best time of the year to visit in the spring and fall season. Avoid the hottest summer months (June through August) and the holiday season if you want to save some money.

There are still more destinations suitable for a wedding in the USA, but these three are absolutely the best when you consider the atmosphere and the price.

So, newborn couples, what are you waiting for? Tie the knot in these top destinations in the USA! You won’t regret it at all, as the wedding in one of these places will be the one to remember.

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